Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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  • Eidorian
    Sep 10, 11:11 AM
    I've gone over the 30" mock up with Multimedia. I like the idea and it's possible. Still, has anyone else looked at the road map for mobile chips? There's nothing beyond dual core! We just get die shrinking and more cache.

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  • logandzwon
    May 3, 10:33 AM
    So, with TB moving across the whole line, how long before we can buy a (Data | Display) splitter for TB so that people using the new systems can use external displays and the data connection at the same time without the PITA of daily chaining? Hope before I buy a new system :/

    Personally I'm a huge fan of daisy chaining. Less devices, less cables, less clutter. You just attach each device to the next.

    What is it you have an aversion to?

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  • Stella
    Mar 29, 11:24 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.80 (S60; SymbOS; Opera Mobi/SYB-1103211396; U; en-US) Presto/2.7.81 Version/11.00)

    I can belief this. Nokia is a strong brand and will definitely have a large impact on WP7 marketshare. The phone market does'nt revolve around the States.

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  • In Batman #651 we see Poison

  • mlrproducts
    Sep 13, 11:09 PM
    Yeah, I think they want people to download content starting today knowing that they'll be able to watch it on their nice big flat screen tv in the living room soon.

    Steve jobs said "nice big flat screen tv" a lot during the itv intro, didn't he?

    It is a loaded term that is generic for HDTVs (plasma, LCD, what have you). Very appropriately used IMO.

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  • spriter
    Sep 9, 02:08 AM
    I am moving up from an eMac 1 gigahertz G4. So I'm sure it will seem very fast to me. Probably more than I need.

    You're in for a treat. I went from a 1.2GHz G4 to MacBook (2HGz Yonah) and it's streets ahead in terms of performance. 4 times faster encoding a DVD with Handbrake is a godsend.

    The Merom iMac's are a great spec for the price.

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  • aly
    Sep 14, 08:50 AM
    I love the way we all jump on even the slightest glimmer of hope that updated MBPs will be released soon. With every hint of an annoucement everyone figures a way that it must be the perfect oppurtunity for apple to release the MBPs. Don't get me wrong though, I'm right there with you!!!:D Bring on Photokina!! It just seems too perfect, two annoucements with in a day of one another :)

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  • Multimedia
    Sep 13, 01:19 AM
    The files are much larger both the bought stuff and the home encodes. (but thats what you expect with four times the pixels) but they look fantastic when your ipod is connected to a tv compared to the old encodes.Yes except I have been getting excellent looking TV playback from iPod w/oH.264 by encoding 544x400 SD and 624x352 HD and I am able to keep the bit rate down to no more than 1000kbps HD and 700 SD still looking great.

    The Apple H.264 Fixed Export bitrate is aparently 1500 kbps which I think is excessive and unnecessary.

    To sum up after testing the new H.264 640x480 fixed preset encoder Apple offers in QT Pro:

    1. Result is a 640x480 1639kbps 222MB mp4 movie after three stage process that takes much longer than:
    2. NON H.264 Two-pass Handbrake FFmpeg encoding 544x400 - Max res allowed pre-iPod 1.2 - 739kbps 100MB mp4 movie looks almost the same.
    3. I'm gonna have to remain a NON-H.264 advocate under these circumstances.

    I just can't see the additional file size being worth it. In fact, my guess is, if I could control the size of the H.264 export, the 100MB version would be inferior to the Handbrake NON version @ 100MB 2-pass. They are just that close when looking at both of the above.

    Note: We don't yet know what the new NON H.264 maximum resolution is that is still iPod compatible under the new 1.2 OS. We can't assume it's also 640 x 480 without H.264 encoding. That is not clear at all yet.

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  • Manic Mouse
    Sep 10, 05:03 AM
    There's going to be a problem when PC manufacturers get a hold of this if Apple doesn't realease a mid-tower to compete. Conroes are faster than the Meroms in the iMac as it is, but with quad cores they'll wipe the floor with them at multi-tasking.

    Surely Conroe needs to go somewhere in Apple's lineup? Great value, fast and soon to be quad-core.

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  • sushi
    Sep 13, 03:10 AM
    did anyone notice how he called MahJong "May-Hong"?
    Yep. Got a little chuckle out of that. Fun game.

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  • hdsalinas
    Aug 28, 03:27 PM
    my cat has told me that there will be a 23" chin-less iMac with the new Core 2 Duo chips, 1gig std, wireless kbd and mouse std. Or he is just hungry - hard to tell just what he is saying but he has friends in high places (trees mostly)

    still heres hoping he's spot on

    This would be great.

    Apple, offer the 23" screen at the same price the 20" is now and the "new" 20 with the 17�s price. Also, go ahead and surprise everyone by releasing Leopard for Christmas. Oh, and BTW, if you upgrade the memory to 1GB, make it just a single1GB stick and not two 512. (I want to be able to buy a sencond 1GB stick later on without wasting memory)

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  • bjdku
    Sep 13, 09:40 PM
    The only way i'd give up my Treo for an "iPhone" is if it is a true "smart phone". That means PDA functionality. It's got to do everything my Treo does. If it's simply another phone with iTunes on it then it's not worth switching, at least in my opinion.

    I am with you on this. I don't see the real compelling reason to have a plain old iPod that makes phone calls and sucks all my battery so I can't play music, or vice versa. It needs to be a compelling smart phone, that will be the inovative part, not the hardware design. We all know it will look like a nano.

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  • Gatorman
    Sep 10, 12:11 PM
    You know, thinking about this right now, it makes sense that they could possibly release the Merom MBP at this event. Apple could use the pitch:

    "Bored? Feel like watching a movie? Forgot to pack your favorite DVD from home? NO PROBLEM! Now you can use your new MBP and an internet connection to watch your movie anytime and anywhere from the new iTunes movie store! From planes, to hotels, to the long boring seminars, where you sit in the back, as long as you can get connected, it's showtime!"

    And that would be a great opportunity to introduce the new line. Granted, you can do all of that with the current stuff now, but I'm just being optimistic. :D

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  • Cougarcat
    Apr 30, 05:24 PM
    Okay --

    2) The latest fiber optics tech is out and does more than 100 terabits per second -- or the contents of 250 Double Sided Blu-Ray discs each second. It does it on a SINGLE cable. This isn't tech you buy for your PC, it's tech that the Telco's are putting in to expand broadband coverage.

    It will be many many years before that becomes widespread in the US. Until it does, Blu-Ray will remain alive.

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  • regandarcy
    May 3, 10:32 AM
    The 21.5" has thunderbolt too....does that mean you can use it as an external display as well? :-)

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 4, 12:40 PM
    bleeding hearts of the world!!! UNITE!!! lol!


    i have no sympathy to people that have obviously no respect for human life. they brought loaded weapons to use them if needed with lethal consequence. now they got wiped out. Good. i hope they screamed as they went into the wall with their friend's mind on their clothing. they made memories.

    Yet if you feel no remorse for actually killing then you have your own problems. Glorified statements like yours are reserved for armchair vigilantes like yourself. If you actually kill, even in self defense, and feel no remorse, then you have your own problems.

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  • iGary
    Sep 19, 03:00 PM
    I downloaded Enemy of the State for the heck of it. Sound and video quality were very good, and the $9.99 price is right, too, especially since I do not have to have a DVD box taking up shelf space. Looking forward to the set-top box, whatever it ends up being called.

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  • Angus Gomes Illustrator -

  • Xenious
    Sep 26, 08:33 AM
    What a joy killer. Launch the iphone as network independant then let carriers subsidize it if they want. Even if I was a cingular customer I sure do not want a phone locked to any one carrier. All of this because we (americans in general) only want cheap cheap subsidized phones.

    The good news here is that it will likelye be GSM based (hello world).

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  • atman poison ivy pictures.

  • 2 Replies
    Mar 29, 02:58 PM
    As much as I doubt that much massive growth, I'm more entertained by the "NEGATIVE" responses.
    Not that I agree with them, (because I don't... I've used the WP7 and it's a decent phone with features people like that iOS will NEVER have)...
    but mainly because having a negative reaction to a guess as to how other people will spend their money is such a infinitely retarded thing to do. X-D
    Seriously, why the hell do any of you even care what type of phone other people decide to use? If you really DO like your iPhone, then you wouldn't.
    Only an imbecil would make a personal purchase decision based mainly on what other people do.
    The only reason anyone would care (besides being a stockholder, or Apple employee) would be that more than actually liking the phone itself you've bought the phone because you're a joiner.... you want to be 'popular' or in a 'majority'.
    (Which honestly is a PATHETIC reason to make ANY purchase.)


    (btw, yes I'm an iPhone owner)

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  • cere
    Apr 14, 12:20 PM
    Err... no.
    Same reply as previous quote. Exactly what do you think that article is telling you?

    Oct 27, 04:40 PM
    This is just what we need, more hippies....

    Sep 14, 04:03 AM
    My friend has that phone, it's amazing.


    I wished Nokia came up with a successor to Nokia 7110. That phone ROCKED! Remember the stiletto-phones from The Matrix? Those phones didn't really exist. They were modified 8110's, real 8110 had a "manual" slide-mechanism. But the 7110... That's how they worked. You pushed a button, and the phone just snapped open. Very cool, and very, very sexy.

    They had such a great design years ago, and it just boggles the mind that they are not using it anymore. 8800 does have something similar, but it opens "gracefully", whereas 7110 snapped open.

    Mar 22, 01:44 PM
    Like Squirrels you must store these "Mac" rumor articles, for the cold, iOS rumor months to follow. ;)

    Boy howdy!

    I'm a'gonna hold on to this rumour as much as possible....oh man, what's that next thread coming up?

    Shucks-another iOS/iPhone rumour!:p

    Sep 19, 04:45 PM
    nevermind, it's been explained already.

    Sep 9, 11:14 AM
    Napa is the hardware-platform, composed of Yonah, Intel Mobile 945-chipset and Intel Pro Wireless. AKA third generation Centrino. And since the CPU used in that platform is 32bits, the platfom can be called a 32bit platfom. Note: this has nothing to do with the bitness of the logic-board. Napa64 (or rather: Santa Rosa) is Fourth generation Centrino that uses Merom and new chipset.


    "Santa Rosa is currently developed by Intel as successor of the current "Napa" platform. Napa will receive a 64-bit refresh in September of this year ("Napa64") to support the launch of the Merom processor. Napa64 will be replaced by Santa Rosa in the first or second quarter of 2007.

    Compared to Napa and its Calistoga chipset, Santa Rosa and the Crestline chipset will not be just an evolutionary update, but bring several new features to the user."

    There is no "Napa chipset". Like I said, Napa is a hardware-platfom...
    My bad, thanks for the correction. Obviously I've been talking about the 945 (Calistoga) chip.

    However, isn't Napa a "set of chips"? There's no "Napa chip", but there is a Napa chipset. Since Apple isn't using the Centrino brand, it's probably not a Napa platform per se.


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